Happy Earth Day everyone! I took a quick walk through my yard this morning and it has positively exploded due to the rains in the last few days. The area I weedwhacked last week to prepare for new beds looks like I never did anything to it.

I’m leaving in a few minutes to go to a tree auction. Then this afternoon I’m taking Prize to work some cows. I’ll update later if there is good news from either activity.

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  1. I just wanted to tell you I read your blog everyday and love it. Deadbeat contractor would be fired! The nerve of that guy. What is he, your husbands brother? I laughed so hard, I couldn’t help it!

    I’m sorry about your trip to the store. I myself have just returned from Georgetown Market. It’s a locally owned (however much imported, lol) store that sells great grains, produce, etc.. I bought quinoa, amaranth, soy beans, and oat bran. Now to figure out what to do with these natural grains you so desired! Any tips, lol!

    Keep us posted on the contractor situation and all that’s going on at your place. I can’t believe the horses didn’t just walk out either! They must love it there, lol!

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