Art by Yosua Bungaran Cahya Putra

This weekly prompt for SciFi Month seems made especially for me and my love of books about food.

These two books follow a Tea Monk living in a post-industrial society. The robots that this society had gained sentience and they quit working for humans. They went off into the wilds. Humans have been moving at a slower pace ever since. Now this Tea Monk, who travels town to town brewing healing teas, has met up with an emissary sent by the robots.

Before the coffee gets cold

Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a Japanese time travel book. Patrons who sit in a certain seat in this coffee shop can travel back in time but they need to finish their business while their coffee is still warm. No lollygagging.

In yet another drink shop-focused sci fi novella, an android is still running the tea shop that her long-deceased owner ran. She’s an obsolete technology but she meets a woman who may be able to help her.

This book is absolutely amazing and yet very hard to describe. For the purposes of this list though, just know that the aliens are hiding their spaceship in a donut shop.

Andorra Pett gets a job in a cafe on a mining station orbiting Saturn. Soon she’s involved in a mystery involving the death of a former cafe employee. Think cozy mystery in space.

I don’t know nearly as many foodie SciFi books as I do fantasy books. I’d love more suggestions if you know some. If you are new here and don’t know, I run a monthly link up for books about food. It posts on the 1st of each month and there is a link in the menu at the top of the page. If you are reviewing foodie books (of any genre!), I’d love to have you link up. Also check it out for lots of ideas of foodie books to read.