The male ego is a beautiful thing! My long lost contractor reappeared today. He hasn’t been here since I told him he had to move the stuff out of the arena. I met him in the driveway.

Him: Hi. I don’t have any help with me today so I don’t know if I can move that wood.
Me: I can help. I have to feed anyway so I’m going out there right now.
Him: Uh, ok.

Ha, ha! That excuse didn’t work. He came out and we started moving wood out of the arena. These are 6 inch wide red oak boards between 5 and 12 feet long. They are heavy. He was huffing and puffing. I just kept smiling serenely and moving as many boards as he was. I knew that he wouldn’t stop if I didn’t stop. Can’t be bested by a girl in a test of strength, you know?

It only took us 45 minutes to move most of the boards out. There is some other small stuff to move but I should be able to be riding in there in a few days.