The male ego is a beautiful thing! My long lost contractor reappeared today. He hasn’t been here since I told him he had to move the stuff out of the arena. I met him in the driveway.

Him: Hi. I don’t have any help with me today so I don’t know if I can move that wood.
Me: I can help. I have to feed anyway so I’m going out there right now.
Him: Uh, ok.

Ha, ha! That excuse didn’t work. He came out and we started moving wood out of the arena. These are 6 inch wide red oak boards between 5 and 12 feet long. They are heavy. He was huffing and puffing. I just kept smiling serenely and moving as many boards as he was. I knew that he wouldn’t stop if I didn’t stop. Can’t be bested by a girl in a test of strength, you know?

It only took us 45 minutes to move most of the boards out. There is some other small stuff to move but I should be able to be riding in there in a few days.

2 Replies to “Ego trip”

  1. You are SO right about the male ego. When the delivery guy brought my insulation for the house he looked at me as if to say “I thought you said there would be someone here to HELP”… Well, once it was all unloaded and in the garage he actually thanked me for helping, which totally shocked me. Some men just don’t think women have any muscles other then the ones in our jaws 😉

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