Yesterday we had a group outing to a local bird fair. The people at one clinic I work at all have birds. I usually can’t find anything great there for Ozzie. They tend to be geared more towards big birds. Ozzie is hard to buy toys for. Toys for budgies are too small so he breaks them and toys for bigger birds assume they can use their feet like hands. Lovebirds can’t do that. When I do find new toys he never likes them. The only thing he likes are bells.

The first booth I saw yesterday had plastic balls with bells inside. Not only that, they came in varying sizes! I bought him an assortment and some leather to string them on. He is thrilled with his new toy. He shakes it like crazy. I’m sure the husband will be equally as excited when he comes home from this trip and finds out that I’ve bought Ozzie new, very loud, noisemakers.

Watching my co-workers shop made me realize how easy life with a little bird can be. They were buying multiple $20 toys that they were hoping their macaws and amazons would play with and not destroy too quickly. I spent $3.75 for a strip of leather and a 6 balls and $5.40 for treats that will last him quite a while.

After that we went out to eat at a local mall. One receptionist had been saying we needed to go there for a year now. But she doesn’t like to leave her house. So she would never go. After lunch I went shopping with her. She has a purse fetish. She likes the expensive ones too. She doesn’t carry anything worth less than $200. All the purses I’ve ever owned in my life probably cost less than that together. She bought a Coach purse yesterday.

Now I have to get off here and go to the post office. I have something that has be received by March 1st. Stupid me has been thinking, “Oh, Monday’s the 28. I’ll mail it 2-day at it will be fine.” Stupid 28 day February. Now I have to go with the expensive overnight mail.