Today I went to a brief seminar on animal communication. In the intro the presenter said that messages from animals come as pictures, physical sensation, or emotion. I think I am an emotion sensor. I can easily pick up emotions from my pets. Prize is the champ at giving off emotional signals because she has such big emotions. She’s a drama queen and everything is either wonderful or a disaster. You’d have to be totally closed off to miss them from her. Spirit is gives off degrees of annoyance. If he is happy he doesn’t transmit but if he gets mad I’ll hear about it. (That’s just like me.)

When I came home Snowball started giving off a “cuddle” vibe. I may be more open because I’ve been thinking about this today. I picked right up on that and it was weird because even though she’s a Pomeranian she’s not really a lap-type dog. I have her standing on my lap while I type. When you hold her she licks your hands. I can’t stand that. The presenter said to send a picture of the desired behavior to the animal instead of thinking about a behavior that you’d like them to stop. I visualized her on my lap and not licking my hands. She’s not licking. I can stop petting her to type and she’s not doing anything. I can’t even begin to tell you how atypical this is.

In the presentation we had to switch pictures of our horses with the person sitting next to us. We had a series of questions to ask the horse in the picture we got. One of them was “Who are your friends?” I kept getting a sense of a cat. No pictures but just the impression of a cat. That horse’s owner carries her cat on her shoulder when she goes to the barn and the cat and horse like to nuzzle.

Spirit, on the other hand, wasn’t talking. The person with his picture got a sense of a black horse but there aren’t any around here unless it means the neighbor horse who could look black from a distance. Maybe Spirit just knows not to talk to strangers, especially ones who come into your brain and start asking personal questions.