I decided to try to make a recipe I found for popcorn brittle. I don’t like peanuts so I figured this would be a great idea.

I’ve only made popcorn in the microwave for several years. Before that we had an air popper. I decided to buy plain ole popcorn and pop it on the stove. How hard could that be?

Harder than you’d think. The first batch I burnt to a crisp before a single one popped. How is that even possible? Set that pan to soak to get them off the bottom. Grab another pan. Lower heat a bit and try again. Those popped fine but burnt a little after popping. The third batch was much better.

Then I tried to make the candy. I have a candy thermometer but it was stuck at 400 degrees in a 65 degree room. There was a time next to the temps so I cooked the candy for that time since I couldn’t measure temps. I don’t think it was hot enough since it never really set right.

Then I put my glass pan in the sink. I thought it had cooled down. Nope, it exploded. I loved that pan.
After all this or because of it, the popcorn brittle wasn’t even very good. I had used almost every pan and either burnt stuff to the bottom or destroyed it. My house smelled like smoke. I didn’t even have any yummy candy at the end.