I had a list of goals for my guy-less weekend. How have I done so far?

First, I purposely made him miss his plane. I’m not sure how or why I did this but he missed his plane and it was all my fault when he called. Turns out that I was treating him like a grown-up and when he said that he wanted to be at the airport at 5 I assumed that he could work backwards and figure out what time to get up. I was wrong. Sorry darling but I was married to a (seemingly) 2 year old once and I’m not doing it again. I’m still going to treat him like a grown-up regardless of whether or not he can handle it.  He managed to get a standby flight.

Then I started watching TV shows on the internet – Food Revolution, Lost, America’s Next Top Model, and Project Runway. Seriously does it get better than that for wasting time?

I pulled some fabric to help out my ugly blue quilt but didn’t cut anything.

I talked to a friend and my sister in law.

I went to the library and got new books and some movies.

I went to the grocery store. Yes, I bought good for me food. I could finally buy one of those W.W.J.D bracelets but mine will mean “What Would Jamie (Oliver) Do?”

I watched the first movie. Every Little Step is the story of casting the revival of A Chorus Line on Broadway. It is a movie about casting a musical about casting a musical. Very interesting plus I love the songs.

Then Freckles and I went and checked out a new trail that we heard about.


Look at that. Flat and wide carpet of new grass. I was so excited. I decided that this would be where we go when we want an easy running day. It is a little too boggy to run on now but we were just getting a feel for it.


We crossed this nice little stream and I did wonder briefly why this section of trail was called Bishop’s Backbone.  Now I’m thinking that bishops must stand up very, very straight.  The trail went from wide and flat to single track climbing straight up.  There goes my idea of easy runs.  We just walked and my butt is still burning.

Now I’m home and contemplating what to do next.  I think I’ll make dinner (WWJD?) and then watch the other movie.  I’m going over to the dark side.  I didn’t intend to but it was right there at the library so I figured if I was ever going to do it it had to be when I was alone.  Yes, I got Twilight.  I’ve avoided the whole thing, books and all.  I especially avoided the movies for the very shallow reason that I think the people playing the main characters are so hideously ugly that I don’t know if I can watch them for two hours.  Hopefully, no rabid fans will read that and come torture me in my sleep.  I have an attack dog.  I have an attack dog who is worn out from her hike and might not notice.  Crap.