splish splash stash

I knew I was within a few flowers of having the center of this quilt ready to be put together. I laid it all out today and was confused by the fact that it seemed like I had too many flowers even without finishing up the last few I had calculated that I needed. I was feeling like quite an overachiever!

I should have known better. I realized it when I went to bundle them up.

I had forgotten to lay out the whole last row. I’m off to finish up by last few flowers that I need and I’ll start trying to sew the rows together!

4 Replies to “EPP Progress”

  1. What a great bunch of hexi flowers. I am always finding I am short when I go to put things together. But it’s better to find it out and still have the resources to make the missing pieces. The quilt will look wonderful when you put it together.

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