The deadbeat contractor is using my computer. He checks his email on it. Why? Personally, I think it is a way to spend time here and not work. He doesn’t use the husband’s computer because his got a virus and now requires you to stand on your head while humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic and pushing F10 every 2.8 seconds (or something like that) to turn it on. The husband won’t fix it because it keeps deadbeat contractor out. I thought he was being paranoid. Why would the contractor use his computer? That was until I started noticing strange things on mine.

I’m so non-confrontational that it is sad. It seems mean to me to say you absolutely can’t check your email since I am addicted myself. But he could have asked. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting a password on the computer but it just seemed mean. Then came today. I came home from the grocery store (and walking 3 miles – yeah, me!) and he was on the computer. He wasn’t here when I left. I came in the door and he asked if it was me. Uh, yeah. Because this is my house. Then he asked me how to spell ‘massage’. He gets off the computer (probably because I came home). Then he asks me if I like Yoga Journal. So, apparently he’s browsing the magazines by the computer too. No wonder nothing ever gets done around here.

So now there is a password on my computer. I hate shutting it down because it takes so long to start up. I should need a password to get it out of screen saver mode now. I’ll have the husband explain why.

2 Replies to “Even more contractor problems”

  1. Good for you adding a pass word. You sound like me, we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but he’s in the wrong, not you. Oh gosh, I would never think of doing that, but I guess there are people in this world who feel like they’re privelged or something. It’s always the dead beat one’s too.

  2. He’s not being paid to putz around on the computer so you did a good thing. After all, you have no idea what he’s doing and a friend of mine had someone doing the exact same thing and after awhile the FBI showed up at his house. Seems the guy was browsing child porn and that caused a big legal mess for my friend.

    Your computer, your rules…

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