I spent the weekend going back and forth in Z’s mind from being wonderful to being the meanest person ever on the face of the earth. That takes talent.

Good Heather:

1. Lets her help make cookies. We won’t mention that besides my chocolate cravings this satisfied my picture needs. I’ve been practicing my digital scrapbook so often that I’m out of pictures that I want to use. I had to make more. Pathetic but I’m addicted. So she had to pose at opportune times for photos.
2. Lets her take the dog for a walk to the playground. We need to work on looking both ways when crossing streets. Z has it down but hasn’t realized that Freckles is five feet ahead of her so she’s in the middle of the street before Z looks for traffic.

3. Lets her watch Project Runway on the computer and pick out the good dresses. Also goes along with her “make me look fancy like that” fantasy and curls her hair for her.

Evil Heather:

1. Won’t let her watch iCarly on TV. I pointed out that this isn’t out of meanness but because we don’t have TV. Child silently points to the TV while giving me a look that shows that she is concerned for my mental state. Explain again that ou TV doesn’t get a signal. It is a movie and wii playing machine only. Child runs off to confirm this with her father since I’m obviously being mean. Has she never noticed that in 5 years she’s never watched TV at that house?

2. Won’t take her to be a child model on the next episode of Project Runway.

3. Won’t make her a dress like on Project Runway. She came back to this one at least hourly all weekend. Explaining that I don’t know how to make clothes had no effect. She said she’d teach me if I just let her loose in the sewing room. This was so not true that it had to be ignored. Much anger and screaming followed every hour when I would again say no. Apparently I was just being mean and wanting to not let her have any fun. She’s all ready for teenage temper tantrums!