Can you tell what days I was sightseeing on vacation?

Our high was over 20,000 steps and our low was 11,000. That’s 6-9 miles a day. I’m surprised it was that little.

Then I got home and my fitbit died. I feel naked without it. I changed the battery before the trip because it said it was running low and then it drained in less than two weeks. I guess this is an issue with this style so I’ll try to get it fixed.

I did lose 5 pounds on the trip from all the walking. We also didn’t eat much. When I go on vacation with the husband he plans his day around where we are going to eat lunch and dinner. My mother is the kind of person who eats a yogurt for breakfast and then when we next eat at 3 PM says, “Well, I’m full for the rest of the day.”

All the walking did end up making me really stiff though. I had to do some yoga focusing on hip openers about halfway through the trip. I couldn’t even get into the poses I was so unflexible at that point but getting close helped enough that I wasn’t in pain anymore.

Diet update – I’m supposed to be an a gluten-free vegan diet with no soy. That was hard on vacation. I could generally have vegan or gluten-free. Now that I’m home I’m back on the wagon and I’m trying to remember to take my supplements but I’m horrible about that. I didn’t feel horrible before so it hard to tell if I feel better. I haven’t had any reflux at all and no allergy symptoms but those weren’t consistent enough problems to be able to say that the diet change made them go away. My hands don’t hurt as much either.

Sauna – We are looking seriously into getting an infrared sauna at home. Does anyone have any experience with these? The husband has all kinds of pain issues and I just like to be warm.