Kati tagged me to post 7 strange facts about me. I’m not sure why she thought of me when she thought of strange…

1. I work with boas, pythons, and anacondas but I am terrified of garter snakes.

2. I like strawberry flavoring but can’t stand to eat strawberries. I think it is the weird texture because of the seeds on the outside of the berry.

3. When I’m reading a book I have to know when it was published. If I start reading before I check the date I have to stop and look at it before I can go on.

4. I can’t stand for my surroundings to messy but they usually are because I also hate to clean. Usually hating to clean wins out over hating mess. But I feel so much better whenever I clean up.

5. My dream job would be rock star.

6. I don’t like reading most mysteries because I can’t stand it when the protagonist refuses to go to the police. I keep hoping that he/she gets killed (or at least maimed) by the bad guy(s) just so he learns his lesson and lets the police do their job next time. At the same time I love books and movies where the bad guys win in the end. It makes me want to cheer just because it defies what is expected to happen.

7. I can watch Unsolved Mysteries or any show like that because it drives me crazy if I don’t know what happens at the end of the story.