1.  At 10:30 last night my GPS was convinced it was in Ohio, not Florida.  It wasn’t even in the last place I was at in Ohio.  This made it hard to find my hotel.

2.  Vet conferences should refrain from using technology.  They just aren’t good at it.  The first sessions of a day never have a working PA system.  Ever.  There were about 20 classes at 8 AM this morning and I know at least 6 were sound free.  It isn’t a surprise that sound was going to be needed.

3.  We have fancy badges that are to record our movements and log our CE hours.  It has never worked.  Usually by day 2 they are making announcements that the computer logs can’t be trusted so we need to write it on paper.  Also you need to log in with the scanner person before every lecture.  So if you sit in the same room for three lectures in a row, then you aren’t signed into the last two lectures.  Add to that the ratio of one scanner for a room of 500 people and it is a pain.

4.  Our badges are also a lunch ticket.  First of all, if you are feeding thousands of people having 10 food lines is just barely adequate.  Compressing those lines into 5 cashier stations is a traffic jam.  Add in scanners not working and it took me almost an hour to get a sandwich. UGH.