In my January Wrap Up post I talked about how I ended up reading all white authors except for one book.  I decided that to balance the scales a bit I would not read white authors this month.

It was a low reading month for me.  I only read 9 books.  I had some trouble getting focused on any book in the middle of the month.  That was a me problem, not the books’ problem.  I ended up sending some perfectly good books back to the library unread because I just wasn’t feeling them at the time.

I also talked about how I didn’t have a mental list of names of POC authors for whatever genre I wanted to read at any given time.  I find that the books I choose to read by POC authors tend to be fairly heavy.  Sometimes that isn’t what you need at certain points.  I needed to do some more research to find authors in lighter areas.

In February I read books written by:

  • 1 African-American man
  • 1 African-American woman
  • 1 Latina
  • 1 South Asian woman
  • 4 East Asian women
  • and I finished up the Bill Bryson audiobook I started in January so 1 white man snuck in there

There were:

  • 2 audiobooks
  • 3 nonfiction
  • 2 science fiction
  • 2 fantasy
  • 1 each of historical fiction and chick lit


What’s coming up in March?


Since lots of books I read tend to fall in the weird category, I’m finding I have a lot to say about this.


Everyone knows I’m a huge Terry Pratchett fan but I’ve never read any Diana Wynne Jones. I’m going to use this event to try to fix that.