Welcome to February’s Foodies Read

We had a great start to 2018 in January with 30 links!  The winner of the drawing is Tina from Novel Meals.  I’ve decided to change up the prizes for the monthly drawing.  We’ve been having more international winners recently, which is wonderful.  Because the cost of shipping books I already have is high, I have been shipping them books directly from Book Depository.  That made it easy.  So, I decided to make the same offer to everyone.  Any winner can pick a book from Book Depository (or Amazon if in the U.S.) for up to $10 and I will order it for them.  U.S. based winners also have the option of getting a $10 Amazon gift card emailed to them.

Looking for more foodie book inspiration?

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6 Replies to “February 2018 Foodies Read”

  1. Hallo, Hallo Heather! 🙂

    I want to thank you for giving me a way to help others find out about my interview today with Richard Dee! 🙂 I happen to love reading Foodie Fiction and cookbooks, too. I have several planned to read this year – therefore, this is just the start of what I’ll happily be sharing with you and everyone else taking part in the challenge! In fact, by the time I share my next link I’ll have everything set-up on my blog’s challenge page for 2018! It’s an added bonus to have a bookaway, but I look forward to seeing what everyone is reading and sharing throughout the year!

  2. Thanks so much, Heather, I really appreciate being selected. If you get a chance to get that book it has some good vegetarian recipes in there. I will email you 🙂

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