This is the story of a Japanese man whose estranged twin died recently.  His twin lived in Canada and was married to a Canadian man named Mike.  Now Mike is coming for a visit.  Be warned that this book opens with a lot of homophobia that is slowly worked through.

This is a novella about a tea shop run by a robot named Sal.  Humanoid robots have been banned from being made for 300 years.  Sal meets a programmer who helps her get a new perspective on her life.  The human in this story is asexual.

Cat Sebastian’s books are known for having queer characters.  This one features a non-binary main character.

I’d recommend starting with the previous book, Karen Memory, if you want to start this series but this is the sequel.  It features an interracial lesbian couple in wild west Seattle.

This story takes place on a space station and features a lesbian couple.

This is the story of best friends who fell in love as teenagers but who were immediately separated by their parents who felt that lesbianism was sinful.  Now, 50 years later, they meet again.

I recommend this one all the time.  It is the start of the sweetest asexual, aromantic relationship series.  Ultimate comfort reading for me.

This book features an intersex main character and a f/f relationship that may be moving towards a poly relationship at the end.

I love this series featuring gay men and a genderqueer person.  I wish there were more romances that were actually written by gay men.