Things are moving along with the housecall business. I’ve been doing paperwork galore. The hard part is that all the paperwork seems to require that another form be filled out before you can do that form. I’m still searching for the mythical “first form” that will allow all other paperwork to fall into place easily. I have a name and a website but there is nothing there yet. I’ll post a link when there is something to see.

I’m going to see a patient today. This is sort of cheating but I’m calling it my first patient. It is a horse for a chiropractic adjustment. I know that this is not right to have a horse be the first patient of a small animal practice but I’m in charge so I can claim exceptions. My exceptions are – horses for chiropractic care (and acupuncture if I ever get around to getting my certification.)

My second patient is going to be a potbellied pig. One of the receptionists I used to work with (her last day was yesterday) is good at PR. She would call a local newspaper reporter when we had good human interest stories in the clinic. From those stories we got donations for care from as far away as the Caribbean. I am going to go to her house and work on her pig’s feet and she is going to call in the reporter. The pig is a good photo-op and hopefully I’ll get some good publicity for providing a needed service.