I finally found a local Reiki practitioner. I had my first appointment today. I didn’t have anything specific that I wanted worked on. I mostly just wanted to see what it was like. I told her about my right knee giving me problems.

During the visit every time she put her hands on my stomach, it started to growl. At first I thought it was because I missed breakfast but then she’d move away from there and it would stop. If she came back it would growl. Also whenever my stomach would growl so would hers. When she was working on my right shoulder I could feel my fingers getting tingly. Afterwards she mentioned that I had a lot of energy in that shoulder. I said that I felt it in my fingers and she was all happy. She said my knee felt cold to her not warm like expected with inflammation so I’m not sure what that means.

I have a spot in my chest that seems to have a blockage whenever I do any sort of energy work. I also have a problem doing heart chakra work. I didn’t mention it because when she was explaining her approach to reiki she said that it was possible to find a lot of “woo woo” stuff on the internet. I didn’t know if saying that my heart chakra seemed blocked would be too “woo woo.” When I was done that spot was really sore like a muscle bruise. I said that I was sore after the session and she looked like she was about to cry. I quickly explained my theory that this was an energy blocked point for me and she was quite intrigued. She wants to work on it more and work on some breathing techniques.

She also mentioned that she worked extra on my feet and hands. She thought that was probably because of my job. Actually, my feet have been hurting since my work shoes are worn out and I can’t find a good pair to replace them. I was shoe shopping yesterday with no luck. I was impressed that she honed in on that without me ever even thinking of it.

All in all she said that I was joy to work with since my energy was so strong and good. Whatever that means. I did get a free extra 15 minutes of treatment since she didn’t have an appointment after me and she said I was fun. I’m going back next week. I figure I’ll need it after two plane rides and judging a trail ride.