This quilt top is based on a quilt I saw in a quilt shop in Florida. The blocks are supposed to be fish. I’m thinking about giving them eyes or having an appliqued worm and hook to make it more obvious.



  • Kati

    I think it is quite obvious that they’re fish!!! And I think it’s an adorably lovely quilt!!!! Don’t go adding eyes, it’s just abstract to not be TOO childish, while still being fun & carefree. Eyes would put it too over-the-top, I think. It looks perfectly, to me, like an aquarium of rather orderly fish!

  • Jessica

    I *really* love it!!! I’m a fish fanatic. I think it’s pretty obvious it’s fish, especially with the fish print triangles around the sides. Eyes would be cute, too. 🙂 I love the colors!

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