Diane Sylvan at Dancing Down the Moon posted a list of 10 Things she loves about her body and challenged readers to do the same. This is a hard one because I’m used to categorizing all the things I want to change about my body.

1. I love my skin. I never had an acne problem and my skin is naturally super soft. People who touch my skin always comment on how soft it is.

2. I love my eyes. They are super expressive. I’ve been told that I can’t hide what I’m feeling if I’m looking straight at someone.

3. I love my breasts. I think they are the perfect size and with proper scaffolding can still pass for perky. I think they have been underappreciated because I’ve always been with guys who aren’t really into breasts. That has led to weird conversations like, “Look at them! They’re perfect. They are by far the best feature I have.”
“Yeah, they are nice but I’m just not really a boob guy.”
“Well, that’s as good as it gets so you better start liking them.”
(No wonder I’m almost not married to him anymore.)

4. I love my curves. I have a good hourglass shape. It looks best with cinched waists in my clothes. It has taken a while for me to be comfortable showing off my waist like that but thank you, What Not To Wear, for teaching me to do it.

5. I love my lips. Not too big. Not too small. Just right.

6. I love my toenails. I love to paint them fancy colors. I think it is like wearing fancy underwear. Even if no one else knows about it it makes you feel special.

7. I love my body’s healing powers. I have done some stupid things that have led to serious injuries and I have no side effects from any of it.

8. I love the fact that I don’t have allergies.

9. I love my brain. It knows things that surprise even me. I have no idea where it learned some of the things it knows.

10. I love my muscles. I’m pretty strong. It must be all that labor from having horses forever.

This was hard to do. I found myself qualifying a few answers by adding negative comments to some. I had to make myself go back and take them out. Try it yourself!