I am a cocky native of Great Lake-inspired snow storms. When I heard there was going to be a “blizzard” here this weekend I laughed. As a precaution though, I did steal the truck back because I happened to be driving past. I would never have gone out of my way to get it.

Last night it had quit snowing. My yard just had a little snow. So much for the “blizzard”. Then I went out to feed the horses. The barn door was blocked by a four foot snow drift. This surprised me because I walked on some bare ground to get to the door. Apparently all that snow decided to group together to make a drift.

Even after that I didn’t really believe in the “blizzard.” Then I looked outside this morning. I got bundled up and stood in the garage and tried to plot a route to the barn. The four foot drift is now about 6 feet high. I aimed for the person door and ran. The snow in the yard is knee deep with the occasional thigh high drift. It is still snowing. One of my neighbors was out plowing the road and plowed my driveway (thank you!) but you can’t tell he did it anymore and it has only been about half an hour.

I think that even with my “I can drive through any snow storm!” upbringing and the added cockiness of four wheel drive, I should probably stay home today.