I went to the gym and planned on doing some walking. I was still nursing the hip injury but it felt better when I was walking. So, I did around 2 miles of fast walking. It felt fine until I stopped. Then it was unhappy and was even madder the next day.


I went on a slow 1.5 mile walk with Freckles that included stopping and taking pictures.

After work we went swimming.


Took Freckles for a hike on a new trail. It was about 1.5 miles. We took it slow. I’m trying to let my hip heal this time but I’m impatient.

I also started doing the #sizedoesntmatter yoga challenge on Instagram. Every day there is a new pose to photograph yourself in. My main challenge isn’t the pose but the idea of posting pictures of myself. I hate pictures of myself. I’m @dvmheather on Instagram if you want to follow along or join the challenge.