One of the cardio workouts I was supposed to do this week was a 40 minute bike ride.  I don’t have a bike so I’ve been trying to walk about 30 minutes every day instead.


40 bear complexes

I used just a 45 lb bar.  Start with the bar on the ground.  Lift it to your chin while squatting.  Stand up and press it overhead.  Bring it down behind your head to rest on your shoulders.  Squat.  Stand up and press it overhead.  Put the bar back down on the ground.  Now repeat 39 more times.


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

  •         12x Man-makers – While holding dumb bells squat and place them on the ground.  Do a pushup.  Lift one dumb bell to your shoulder and then the other.  Stand up and press them overhead.
  •         ¼ Mile sprint
  •         10 Triceps dips
  •         10 Tuck jumps

I did this for 13 minutes but my wrist started to really bother me on the manmakers so I stopped and adding in a 1.5 mile walk to finish.