What I’ve learned from reading vegan food blogs:

1. The person who made The Magical Loaf Studio is brilliant. Perhaps also slightly deranged after spending that much time thinking hard about fake meat loaf. The program lets you plug in whatever you have in your kitchen and it will give you a recipe for a loaf based on those ingredients. I tried it out with the most crazy combination of things I had and it turned out great. Even the husband liked it. I stand in awe of that website. I always eat loaves covered in other ingredients so the actual taste of the loaf isn’t all that important to me. That’s a defense mechanism I learned when my mom made me eat real meatloaf as a kid.

2. Reading food blogs makes me hungry. After I got all through the list of vegan blogs and I was in a stupor of overindulence of food porn I realized that there was a whole other list of vegetarian blogs.

Yesterday I made the aforementioned fake meat loaf (black beans, carrots, green peppers, wheat germ, pecans, etc…) and then I topped it with mashed potatoes and smothered it all in a basic veggie gravy. The gravy was 2 TBS of butter melted and mixed with 1 T of flour and 1 cup of veggie broth. I had the idea for this from a picture on the Bob Evans menu so when I found the Magical Loaf Studio I was even more excited.

I also made Hawaiian Baked Beans. This is super easy and yummy. It also makes a lot so it keeps for several meals. This morning I made Caribbean Corn Bread so lunch was a slice of loaf smothered in baked beans with a side of bread.