We got the amended last page of our homestudy very quickly. A person might think my worker was sick of hearing from me on the phone.

The husband and I read through it together last night and laughed hysterically. We sound so wonderful! Between the two of us we don’t have a single fault. We also started yelling, “LIE!” enthusiastically whenever we came to a total untruth – there are only a few and were more a matter of the worker assuming things. The husband decided that we sound so wonderful that people will be besieging us with kids – “Here, take 3. They’re small.” I reminded him that we are sending to urban agencies. They may think the lovely description of life in the rural Midwest represents the lowest circle of Hell.

We have faxed our homestudy to two agencies. Each of them have sisters in foster care. One set is 3 and 6 and the other is 2 and 7. So, fingers crossed everybody.

3 Replies to “Homestudy out”

  1. Cool….. *fingers crossed* I hope that whichever set of siblings is added (if indeed it goes through that you get one ore the other) to your household makes the transition smoothly, and with as few problems as possible.

  2. btw, the rural midwest isn’t the lowest circle of hell? 😉

    I’m wishing that I lived there these days. NYC is feeling very hellish with the crappy weather, and my sore back/neck.

  3. Fingers crossed, hopeful thoughts are being thought!

    That’s great that you were described so wonderfully in the homestudy. 🙂

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