I HAVE BROADBAND INTERNET ACCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Pause for happy dancing)

I got my satellite broadband connected today. I got the lowest level of speed for the time being but pictures still load well. The installer was about to drive me batty though. He was good at putting up the satellite but wasn’t very computer literate. I had to explain where the back space and enter buttons were on my Mac keyboard (hint – the same place as on any other keyboard but called something else). Actually, I first had to explain that my Mac Mini was in fact a computer. Then it was a very simple installation but in the middle of step one when the cable modem was communicating with the satellite and getting all its instructions, the guy unplugged it to move a cord around. Both the modem and I freaked out. Needless to say, it all became a bit more complicated after that.

The thing is really stupid-proof though because it eventually reset itself in spite of his best efforts. Then I just had to endure 5 minutes of him mis-typing our account number for the final step. Have I mentioned that at that point I was going to be late for work?

But I’m up and running. I haven’t tried to download anything yet. But now I might actually be able to see everyone’s pictures on their blogs and (dare I hope?) videos.

What will I miss about dial-up?

1. Exercise – I would start a bunch of pages loading and then do one rep of an exercise. Sometimes I could do more if they were really slow.

2. Same goes for making meals. I could feed myself in the time it took things to load. Heck, I’ve even gone outside and fed the horses and still made it back before pages loaded all the way.

What am I going to do with myself with all the time I gain? If I don’t have to take an hour to read blogs if they load in seconds instead of minutes? Guess I’ll just have to find more to read.