I’m back to smoothies in the morning instead of spaghetti like last week.


I’ve started soaking some cashews first before making the smoothies to make them really creamy. This one was cashews, almond milk, banana, and spinach.


For lunch I had soup made with mushroom broth and miso. There were carrots and green beans in it too. I added some kelp noodles. I really like these. They don’t need to be cooked and they take on the flavor of whatever broth they are in. I like to add them to a soup in the morning and let it sit until lunch. The noodles get soft that way. If you eat them right off they are a bit too crunchy for my liking.


Dinner was supposed to be portabello reubens but the sauerkraut I bought tasted horrible. I made the raw thousand island dressing from here.Raw Kale Salad with Thousand Island Dressing

I modified it a bit. It was too thick for my taste so I added some almond milk to thin it and added 5 drops of stevia to take away a little of the bitter aftertaste.

I layered the broiled mushroom with the dressing, black beans, some salsa, and olives. I also had some grapes and pistachios.