We warmed up with double under practice.  I didn’t get any.  I can’t do double unders when I’m not really tired.  I’m not sure why.

Then we spent 15 minutes on gymnastic skills.  I worked on kipping for pull ups.  We also did handstand holds.

The workout was nasty.  It was as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:

  • 10 squat cleans – bar from floor to shoulder while squatting.  I did 65#.
  • 150 feet of stone carries – That’s this ……


… but with less muscles and a smaller stone when I do it.  I used a 75 lb stone.

  • 88 double unders or 176 single jump ropes

I did the whole thing 3 times and finished the squat cleans, stone carry, and did 3 double unders in 25 minutes.  My strategy for this workout was to take my time.  My legs were so sore from Tuesday’s workout that I knew that this was going to be rough.   Usually I get yelled at for not squatting low enough.  Today both trainers were all happy that I was squatting low.  I told them that it was because at that point my legs were numb and I had no clue what they were doing.

I was nailing double unders too.  Well, nailing them for me.  During my first set of jump ropes I got 12.  Of course, not a soul was looking.  They would look over when I was doing singles and tell me to do doubles but then they’d look away.  Finally they started listening when they weren’t looking.  You can hear the speed changes in the rope between doubles and singles so they believed me.  I managed to hit them pretty consistently when I was exhausted.  I’m not sure if I quit thinking so much or what but I do much better then.

Saturday and Sunday

I went swimming on Saturday and then went back on Sunday with the husband.  That day we worked on stretching in the warm pool and then just floating around and relaxing instead of doing laps.


We warmed up with rowing for 5 minutes alternating 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds slow.

We worked on strict presses which is bar from shoulder to overhead with no use of momentum.  I did 60 lbs.

The first workout was 3 rounds of:

  • 35 ball slams – 20 lb ball thrown down from overhead, squat to catch it on the bounce
  • 15 push ups
  • 10 one legged squats
  • 5 burpee box jumps

I did it in 13:18.

Then we had to do 5 minutes of maximum effort wall climbs.  You lay down on your stomach (my favorite part) with your feet  near the wall.  Push up and walk your feet backwards up the wall until you are in a handstand.  I can’t go all the way to the wall.

The Whole Life Challenge is still going well.  This week’s challenge is mindfulness.  I’m using a meditation series from Headspace.  They have series of 10 minute guided meditations.

The food portion is still going well.  For the first month I’m down 10 lbs. I’ll have a food post tomorrow.