One benefit of living here is that there is a museum across the road.  Actually it is a big estate turned into a museum that has events.  Today I walked over to the juried arts and crafts show.


I’m a cheap person. I’m also pretty much a minimalist. I can’t stand having a bunch of decorations or knickknacks. I like to go to these things and look. This is the kind of show that makes the voices in my brain say things like, “That’s a nice lamp. I wonder how much it… Wow. It better generate all its own electricity.”


There were also rows of booths featuring things I’m not allowed to eat right now.


That didn’t bother me too much. I was sad about all the places selling dips and sauces that had samples out. Everything had to be sampled with bread or pretzels so it was right out. I love sampling at those booths! But I went prepared. I had a bottle of water in my purse and two Lara Bars if needed. Missing this was a little sad though –


I knew better than to even look at the cafe. I do like hanging out in the old stables though. My horses would have thought they had died and gone to heaven if they had housing like this.


I ended up buying 2 catnip filled toys and some bath smelly stuff. So far the toys are a hit.


She is killing hers and Riley (who never gets on the counters) got on the counter and ripped open the package to get the other one out.

Total spent $10.14. I’m such a cheapskate.