I did my Eat Better challenge in the last week and I did pretty well. I cheated a few times but for the most part I did well. I don’t feel much different but I’m no longer falling asleep while walking so that’s an improvement.

I watched a movie on Netflix the other day called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It is the story of a 41 year old Australian man who has a rare autoimmune disease that requires that he take lots of steroids. He’s 340 lbs and miserable. He decides to go on a 60 day juice fast to lose weight and see if taking in that many nutrients can clear up his skin disease. He comes to the U.S. to do this and film the documentary. He travels around and talks to people and has them try the juices. Then, he runs across a 400 lb truckdriver who has the same disease as he does. He offers to help him with the diet because he is feeling great and is basically in remission. He doesn’t agree so the guy goes back to Australia to finish the film.

Then he gets a call from the truckdriver who is in really bad shape and getting suicidal. He sets him up to do this fast under medical supervision. The man is totally transformed. Very interesting movie.

I’ve been interested in getting a juicer ever since I was learning about the Gershon cancer treatment. That system was so hardcore and the equipment was so expensive that I didn’t get anything. I went to the website for this new film and found out about JointheReboot.com. They have a 15 day plan there that I really want to try.

Usually I look at diet plans and the food is awful. But the food here looks great. I would make it even if I wasn’t doing the plan. The first five days has three meals of just fruits and veggies with two snacks of juices.  The next five days is a juice fast. The last five days are back to the food with snack juices.

I’m not sure if I can handle a five day juice fast. They did 60 days in the film but they were pretty desperate. I like to chew. That may be hard. I’m going to have to warn everyone around me to watch out in case I snap and need to kill someone.

I ordered a juicer so I’m going to start when it gets here. I broke the meal plan down into shopping lists for each of the five days. I’m not sure where I’m going to store all the produce. There is also a lot of need for mint and parsley. Of course, I didn’t plant any herbs this year because I’m always overrun with mint that I never use!  I found some plants left over at a nursery today (on sale!) so I’ll get those planted and ready.