Right before my sewing room was demolished to make room for the game room I started a bird quilt for a co-worker. I got most of the first block done. This weekend I got an overwhelming urge to sew so I put the room in some semblance of order. Ok, not order but I grabbed an extension cord so I could plug in the machine and iron. I finished the first block and then came upstairs to download the next one. Now, these blocks have been on this website for years. But when I go to the site yesterday there is a cheerful note saying that because she is publishing a book the patterns have been taken down. You can get them again when the book is published in 2006. 2006? Did I mention that the co-worker’s birthday is Feb. 1?

Lucky for me the pictures of the blocks are still there. So I started designing my own paper pieced bird blocks based on the pictures. I’m sure they don’t resemble the way she did them. But they are working for me with some minor changes when I just can’t figure out what’s going on from the picture.

Here’s a hummingbird that I made today.