Freckles had a playdate yesterday. The SO took her to the neighbors’. This was the first time I’d been the house without her. The world is a different place.

The cats knew the moment the door closed behind the dog. Powder came down off the armoire. She even came and cuddled with me on the bed. I guess she doesn’t totally hate me. She just hates the dog still.

This morning when I woke up she was off the armoire again. In order to do that she has to jump down onto the bed where the dog is sleeping but apparently that doesn’t bother her. She must realize that the dog is a sound sleeper. When the SO took the dog out to pee, the cat reappeared for a quick cuddle until the dog came back in and then it was back on top of the armoire for her.

This is definitely an improvement from her days of shooting death glares at me whenever I came in the bedroom!