The saga continues…

Two days ago I finally cornered B’s social worker and determined that she had no idea what was going on. She said we needed a special homestudy. I said that we had the only homestudy our state does. She said that Ohio wouldn’t answer her about the interstate forms. I asked who to call to check on those since it was becoming clear that she didn’t have clue what she was doing.

I ended up calling the foster care coordinator of our county because he seemed really nice when I called to ask about foster care classes. I poured out the whole story on this poor guy. When I was done he paused and said, “I don’t mean to alarm you…”

“It’s ok. I’m already alarmed.”
From here I have to paraphrase because he is soft spoken and polite but his comments can best be summed up as “Bull@#$%” I felt better. I needed someone who knew what was going on to back me up on that.

Long story short I had B’s social worker call our county guy. Today I got a message from her that makes me think that he set her straight. My homestudy will be fine. The proper paperwork has been overnighted to the proper office in Ohio. And my county foster coordinator is my new hero! If he was a woman I’d be sending flowers.

For the next three days we have foster care training. That does not sound fun. It will be even worse since the husband is already in full whining mode. I’ve put out a blanket statement that I know this sucks but your whining isn’t going to make it any better. I’d hate to have to kill him before the weekend is over.