EcoStreet is running an environmental challenge for the next two weeks. Everyday they post one thing to do to help the environment. Day 1 was to stop buying bottled water.

I don’t buy bottled water unless I’m stuck in a situation where I neglected to plan ahead. Those are getting to be less and less as I make it a routine to carry a drink with me. I bought reusable bottles but they don’t seem to last long. They grow black gunk on the inside that won’t come out after repeated washings and soakings in bleach. Any ideas on how to fix that?

Day 2 is to hang up your clothes to dry. It is raining here and I don’t have a clothes line. I may just have to skip that one. Maybe in honor of the day I just won’t do any laundry!

Thanks to Activist Mommy for the introduction to EcoStreet.