EcoStreet is running an environmental challenge for the next two weeks. Everyday they post one thing to do to help the environment. Day 1 was to stop buying bottled water.

I don’t buy bottled water unless I’m stuck in a situation where I neglected to plan ahead. Those are getting to be less and less as I make it a routine to carry a drink with me. I bought reusable bottles but they don’t seem to last long. They grow black gunk on the inside that won’t come out after repeated washings and soakings in bleach. Any ideas on how to fix that?

Day 2 is to hang up your clothes to dry. It is raining here and I don’t have a clothes line. I may just have to skip that one. Maybe in honor of the day I just won’t do any laundry!

Thanks to Activist Mommy for the introduction to EcoStreet.

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  1. I have to second the vinegar and baking soda idea. Vinegar kills mold easily and mixed with baking soda gets off most gunk. It works for my kid’s bath toys too. 🙂

  2. That black junky stuff might come off with vinegar or baking soda (or both which is pretty fizzy)

    I clean my pots with baking soda and boiling water.. will the bottles hold up to water that hot? I would combine some water and baking soda and boil. Pour into bottles (don’t cap them!) and when they are cool, put the cap on, shake the heck out of it and pour the stuff out.

    Might work.

  3. Have you tried buying a bottle brush for your water bottles and cleaning them like they were old glass baby bottles? And no clothes line and rain is no excuse not to hang your laundry! 🙂 Try your shower curtain rod, sting a line across your laundry room, use the side of your tub 🙂 hehehe

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