I’m having a wonderful food day.

After a brief lull, my zucchini plants caught their second wind and provided me with another batch of monster veggies. My kitchen counter has a police lineup of 5 large zucchini. I have been staring at them for a few days, quite dispirited. I was wondering about the Plant a Row for the Hungry program that gives extra veggies to food pantries but no pantries around here will take perishable food.

By coincidence I just started reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It is a non-fiction book about a year when her family made a commitment to eat locally and grow most of their own food. It is inspiring. Maybe too inspiring because I want to grow a bigger garden next year (still only two zucchini plants). I even for a few pages thought owning water buffalo sounded like a good idea. I wised up. But it inspired me to do something with the zucchini.

I made “lasagnas”. Each one was made in a loaf pan so it will be 1 – 2 servings. I put aluminum foil in the pan and then layered zucchini and filling. Then I pulled it out of the pan, wrapped it in another layer of foil, labeled it, and put it in a bag in the freezer. I made 2 Mexican-type with zucchini ribbons, beans, salsa jack cheese, and salsa; 1 with zucchini ribbons, mushrooms, and alfredo sauce; and 2 Italian-style with cottage cheese, mozzerella, and basil. That’s 5 personal meals all ready to go. The bad news – I made all that out of one zucchini. There are four left!

The husband and I also met for lunch at a local Greek restaurant today that we had never visited. I had a great Greek salad. It was gigantic (I’m finishing it for dinner now) and has such good tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives on it that it doesn’t need dressing. That’s my favorite type of salad.