I went on a road trip yesterday through three states. The stated purpose was to go to the creation museum reviewed in the last post. It is about 3 hours away from me but there had to be a bit of added excitement to make it interesting.

I started out by going letterboxing. The interstate takes a twisty route through a corner of Indiana on the way to KY so I went to the Hundred Acre Woods boxes. These were in a nice park in Aurora IN. There were three placed with one reported missing. I was only able to find one.


I used the ruse of photographing these birds to explain why I was kneeling near a guardrail. The park is narrow and along the edge of a busy street. That worked for this box but the others were supposed to be hidden in pine trees and there is no explanation for why I was riffling through pines. Letterboxing makes you look very strange.

Hiding Place

Then I headed off to the museum. See last entry for all that.

On the way home I decided to stop at an outlet mall. The husband and I got into a clothing discussion the day before. The summary – He buys clothes like crazy. I don’t. I buy what is necessary and get it at WalMart. He likes his shirts to cost at least $50. He thinks I should treat myself to clothes. I think the money is better spent elsewhere. Of course then it moved from clothes to general monetary philosophy and then it got interesting. I would like to be a fashion diva but my life doesn’t really support it. Either I’m home with all the animals or I’m at work. My main concerns with work clothes are will it fit under my lab coat and will I be crushed if this gets blood all over it.

But I stopped to get some new clothes. I did good. Here is the part of shopping that I love. The bargains. I did a fashion show for the husband and he liked the clothes. I was more excited by telling how much I paid.

Talbots Outlet – One off white linen jacket. Originally $78. Marked down to $24. 60% off.
One white shrug-type thing. Originally $78. Marked down to $49 then $39 then $29. 75% off. I got them both for less than $18. Not a thing wrong with them except they were the only ones left.

Ann Taylor Outlet – All t-shirts on sale for $6.99. Bought several and then bought two fancy tank tops.

Banana Republic Outlet – I bought two slinky fake wrap tops that I will wear the tank tops with.

I also got a new boring bra. My other boring bra is dying and sometimes you need something boring to go under white shirts. I also hit the Bath and Body Works Outlet for some totally unnecessary but fun stuff. I will be smelling like a fruit salad for a while.

Then I came home and set about uploading pictures for the last post. In my email I found a message from the person I saw in concert a few nights ago. He must google himself and found my post reviewing the concert. He took offense even though I thought it was a fun time. He was not complementary of me. I pulled down the post because I don’t meant to cause offense and I’ve told way too many people about it. I realized they could find my blog now by googling his name. The story is so much better now.

Last night I was lying in bed and was antsy. I asked the husband to tell me a bedtime story. He said that he didn’t know any. I said that I’d start him off.

Me: Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Heather who lived in a tower…

Him: (jumping in enthusiastically) …And she had really long hair that she threw down to the ground. A guy came past and tugged on her hair and she fell out of the tower and broke her neck. And then she went to hell because she was bad!

I think we’ll need to work on storytelling before we adopt.