There is a new sign at the end of my road – Found: Grey Kitten. I didn’t read the fine print. About an hour after reading that sign I was was outside when a car drove up. Since I had obviously been spotted, I got ready to meet the Jehovah’s Witnesses instead of hiding as is my normal routine. But they weren’t JW’s because they got out of the car holding a grey kitten.

I was prepared to say that in fact he wasn’t mine. Sorry. But they said that he showed up three days ago and wouldn’t leave their porch. They have cat-unfriendly dogs who got ahold of him once (but they got him away before he got hurt) and they were afraid for his safety if he stayed. Could I take him? This kitten is the spitting image of my (spayed) barn cats. However, the mother of one of my barn cats may still be in the area and having kittens. This kitten was actually being held though. My barn cats are totally feral. I said he could stay in the barn. They handed him to me. He leaned against me and started purring. Shit.

Powder, my indoor-outdoor cat was at my feet. She is not tolerant of other cats since she started living in the house and every so often goes out to terrorize the barn cats so don’t forget she is the boss of this place. I put the kitten down. She nosed him and said, “Whatever.” Shit.

So this shot is obviously not taken in the barn. He is in my bathroom right now to get acquainted with the litterbox. I sat down and he leans against me and purrs. He is the loudest purring kitten I’ve ever met.


He is afraid of my dog. He hissed and hid beneath the toilet. But he’ll figure out soon that my 7 lb Pomeranian is not a physical threat to him. She thinks cats are so beneath her that she doesn’t even acknowledge their existance. As long as Powder stays cool with this I guess I have a new house cat.

I need a name. Right now I’m calling him Found Grey Kitten in honor of his road sign. He’s about three months old.