31 year old Morgan/QuarterHorse gelding. Needs to go to home where he is ridden several times a day by inexperienced riders who don’t know how to post. After riding he needs to be beaten soundly. Do not provide grain. Needs to stay at this home for about one week so he appreciates his current home more.

At times I just want to strangle that horse! This morning he went out to the pasture and rolled like a happy horse. Then when I was getting Rosie out he decided to leave the pasture. I ignored him and finished getting the good horses outside. Then I fed the good horses in the pasture. He showed no interest. So, I went and got some grain. He kept grazing but was watching my every move. I told him I wasn’t buying the nonchalant act because I could see him eyeing me. I gave him a bit of grain and then went and poured it loudly in his stall. No reaction. That’s serious. So I go back out with a bit of grain and his halter. He won’t let me halter him. He finally walked away and headed into the barn. I guess he could see that he wasn’t going to win but he was NOT going to let me catch him. So he’s in his stall and the girls are in the pasture. I told him he was grounded and I was giving him away to someone mean because obviously a loving home was just making him cranky.