I got the contracts emailed to me today. It is official. I’m going to breed Prize. But since this is my real life and not my fantasy world where everything runs smoothly, there are already slight complications.

1. Prize doesn’t show obvious signs of heat. So we have to figure out if she is cycling and at what stage she is at. I can do that by careful examination of her. Problem? She’s never been examined in that way and although I have done it alot I haven’t done it at all in 8 years. I see her saying, “What do you think you are doing?” while I’m saying “Is that an ovary?” That means I’ll need someone to hold her. Who will be here at the time I need a holder? The husband. He’ll be more squeamish than the horse. I know all this so I had a plan to call in another vet so I could get Prize used to the procedure before doing it myself. Good thinking, huh?

2. That vet is donating an organ to his kid at the same time I need this done.

Sit back and consider that one. You can’t even work up a good bout of righteous indignation over that one. Sick offspring vs. horse needs palpated. Doesn’t work out at all. So, you figure that I’m not the only person with this problem. He has to have a plan for his other clients, right? He’ll have to have another vet to fill in for him while he’s off, right? What’s the problem?

3. He hired me to fill in. How’s that for a catch-22/circular reasoning/or whatever?

What Do You Think?