I don’t like fairs. I attribute this to spending an inordinate amount of time at them. I was going to figure out what percentage of my life has been spent at fairs (not even including the much greater amount of time spent at fairgrounds for other events), but I figured that that was way too much math to do for a result that was bound to depress me. So it always comes as a shock to me when people want to go to fairs for ‘fun’.

The husband wanted to go with me to the fair today. I wanted to see some of my 4-H kids ride. He wanted to have the full fair experience – food, rides, etc. I said that I wasn’t sure how many rides they have at this fair because the rides are at the other end of the grounds from the horses. Since I spend all my time with the horses I only venture up there for food. It is a bit of a hike. He mocked me for my perceived laziness. He also asked me if $100 would be enough money to take to the fair. I don’t believe I’ve ever come close to spending $100 at a fair over the course of a week let alone in one afternoon. It seems that his fair expectations were a bit out of whack.

We got there and he immediately started to fade. It was hot. It was, in fact, a long walk from the horse barn to the ride area. But he got the jumbo refillable icee glass. Then he had to sit down so we watched a draft horse show at the grandstand for a while. We never even got to the rides becasue he was too tired and hot. We walked back to the horses. I checked on a horse that belongs to one of my 4-Hers. He sat on a chair while I talked to another 4-Her. I wanted to swing by the goat barn on the way back to the car. He told me that I could see the goats tomorrow when I go back because it was too hot. The fair claims another casualty. But he is not dismissing the fair entirely. My club is having a pizza party Thursday night and he may come. The sun will be down then. Besides, he has to figure out how to spend the rest of his $100.