I writing this from the Atlanta airport where they don’t have free wi-fi. I think that should be one of the modern deadly sins now that I have a wi-fi device. Last time I was in this airport I was in a rage at my soon to be ex husband. I didn’t know he was a soon to be ex but it was the first time I started thinking the divorce word since he had decided to neglect my horses while I was out of town. Very bad thing.

Anyway, things are better today except for the whole No Wi-fi thing. I blew off the conference today to be a tourist. I went to the Georgia Aquarium which was very cool. I have pictures but I can’t post them yet since my camera attachment for the iPod is on backorder. (I’m totally thwarted by technology today.) I got to see the whale sharks. That makes up for not going to the care of whale sharks lecture the other day. It probably would have been more useful than the one I ended up going to instead.

After the aquarium I walked across the park to the World of Coca-Cola. I don’t recommend this one. It might have been ok if I was at all interested in Coke memorabilia but I went solely for the tasting. They have a room with dispensers of Coke products from all over the world. I taste tested them all. I think I’m going to die. They mostly taste nasty. I drank a sip of them one after the other so all the nasty got all mixed up. The worst one was from Italy. Aren’t they supposed to have good taste in food and beverages in Italy? The drink is called Beverly and it is vile. Imagine a glass of of pure vileness (close to the pure evil from Time Bandits) mixed in a mineral water base. Ugh. Of course everyone was telling people to make sure to try that one. Not a single person managed to take more than a sip without making this horrified face and looking close to vomiting. How do they sell this stuff?

I found a way to get four free wi-fi minutes (over and over). Take that technology. Now I am thwarting you!