This year is going to be a surprise. We have a heavily landscaped yard with no idea what if anything is going to appear since it hasn’t been tended in several years. With this week of crazy warm temperatures plants are starting to come out of hibernation. I hope it doesn’t snow again. We aren’t officially frost free here until May 15.

Look what showed up in the last few days.


This is a weeping cherry, I believe.


Unknown something-or-others that look really familiar like I had them at my last house and I’m going to feel stupid when I finally realize what they are. They are in several spots.


Sedum!! I’m so excited. This is one of my favorite plants and it is coming up all over. If it wasn’t here I’d have to plant it.


Daffodils of course.


Mountain Fire Pieris. How do I know that? Is it my innate knowledge of all things horticultural? Nope, this one still has the Lowe’s tag on it. I’ve done that too and turns out to be super helpful for the new owners of your house. Thank you.


Privet. Another Lowe’s tag. The only thing I know about privet is that it is the name of the road Harry Potter lived on.


The SO is so very proud of his new grass. There are huge bare spots in the lawn and he’s one of those guys who feels a bit inadequate if his lawn isn’t robust. He spread a lot of seed and the birds were making off with it but now it is sprouting and he is so happy.