I have none of my normal Monday posts because my weekend was weird and I never got around to writing up my reading list and I was a total sewing slacker so I have nothing new to report.

On Saturday I drove to my parents’ house, which is now just two hours away, for my SIL’s baby shower.  I had Z with me.  I’d heard that she is in the middle of a big manic phase.  That would explain why she kept bursting into song during the brunch.  She did sass me once so close to the line that if she had said one more word I would have drug into into the bedroom by her ear.  Then, in the middle of the present opening, apropos of nothing at all, she burst out with “I’m sad because my grandma is dead but she came back to visit me last night.  I felt her hold my hand.”  The whole room swiveled to look at her and then went right back to present opening. 

Then she got mad that my cousin didn’t know she was “special needs.”  We pointed out that it wasn’t relevant information.  But she wants everyone to know like being “special needs” is a badge of honor and not a sign that she’s a blooming idiot at times.

When we were leaving town we stopped at Subway.  She told the workers there that she was “special needs.”  I think it has taken the place of her previous opening line to strangers – “This isn’t my mom.  This is Heather.  She lives with my dad.  He doesn’t live with my mom and me anymore.”  I guess that’s an improvement.  I get sympathetic looks now instead of homewrecker looks. 

Then on the way home she was having a whole conversation with her dead grandmother.  Apparently her grandmother has returned to help her defeat bullies.  I then realized that she was acting out an episode of Ghost Whisperer.  Her father has been watching that on Netflix and she saw a few of them.  I want to point out that she better watch out on looking for vengence for bullies.  Pot calling kettle black and all.

Sunday we went shopping and the SO and I got into a lively discussion about exactly how my family is insane.  I had just told him that he was missing the point when she got slightly freaky and kept asking if she were breaking up.  I guess slightly raised voices between us is so unusual for her that in her mind it was an epic fight that could only end in heartbreak.  We convinced her that we aren’t breaking up finally.  Weird.