It is definately turning to fall around here. It is cold and rainy. The horses had been out for about a day and half because there were no bugs. I went out to drag them in this morning before they became too waterlogged.

When I got Spirit in I noticed he was shivering. I grabbed Prize’s winter blanket and got him all covered up. It is way too big for him but I knew he must be cold because he let me do it without squirming around. Then the weirdest thing happened. I was standing in front of him and he moved up and put his head over my shoulder and pressed his neck into my chest. In 21 years he’s never done that. Apparently he was looking for even more heat but I had to go to work. If it had been any living creature besides Spirit I would have called it a gesture of appreciation. But I just can’t put “Spirit” and “appreciation” together in my mind. His response if you do something for him is, “It’s about time! What the @#$$%^ took you so long???”

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  1. That’s a lovely story! I appreciate that your levelheaded nature and dislike of whimsy (like mine) may mean you can’t take it totally as a sign of affection. There was a time once when Clyde leaned on me heavily and I was so tempted to believe it was a little sign of love. But I knew really he just wanted to take the weight off his feet.
    Still, we can dream, can’t we….

    Good luck in the classes at the end of the month! Clyde’s rootin’ for ya!

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