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Getting Ready

Getting ready to go on a trip is a pain. I like the planning stages several months in advance. It is the time period one to two days before the trip that is maddening.

What I need to get done before leaving for the World Equestrian Games tomorrow:

    Go to work today and tomorrow
    Charge all the rechargable batteries to run two cameras
    Charge the iPad so I can blog
    Fold the laundry so I can find the clothes I need
    Buy dog and cat food
    Clear out the guest room of construction debris so my mother has a place to stay when we get back
    Go to the grocery store
    Pay some bills
    Go to the library to pick up some road trip reading material
    Review the dos and don’ts list for the event that reads like something from TSA
    Don’t forget to pack the tickets!

I’m excited. I’ve been faithfully obsessively watching online. This will be my fourth time visiting the horse park. I’ve never managed to go there during the official season. I’ve gone twice in November and this will be my second time in October. A lot of the exhibits are only open in the summer but it is still cool. The last time I was there I did this.

Prize KHP

This was in October 2005 when they had just been awarded the WEG for 2010. They hadn’t started the massive construction projects yet. I’m not going to recognize anything.


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