In honor of the five new pounds I posted about below I wrote out a healthy meal plan and went grocery shopping. To prepare I decided to skip my usual recipe haunts and find something new. I started at The Lazy Vegetarian. She has a great list of links for veggie blogs that will take me a while to get through. The highlights so far have been Veggie Venture and Vegan Momma.

With that inspiration I headed out to see the Adventists. There is a large store run by the Seventh Day Adventists here. Half is a Christian bookstore and half is a grocery store. I refer to it as the Temple O’Soy. If you are craving any kind of fake meat this is your place. Shelf after shelf with every type of fake meat ever imagined. I’m not a fake meat fan so that doesn’t do me much good. They also have bulk foods. They have flour made from any substance that you can make flour from in bulk. Seeds, nuts, carob chips, etc. in large bulk containers. They also have veggie burgers. I love veggie burgers. This may seem to contradict my fake food revelation above. But I love veggie burgers because they are easy. I also require that my veggie burgers not taste like meat. I don’t like real burgers. They had portobello and roasted pepper veggie burgers. Yummy, and less than at Kroger’s! They don’t carry any produce. I think that’s because they don’t have enough customers. The store must be a labor of love for the church because it is always empty but I love it.