Gotta be kidding

I received this email today.

Find U very attractive and wanna get to know U…Ur grin on ur face really amazes me alot…u r a goddess I must Confess….Tell me what it takes to win the Heart of a Queen Like U….? Wanna be ur Man and keep it real with U…..What r ur Plans for the New week Angel…? Holla

Wonder how well that approach is working for him?


  • Willow

    I had a lesson on STI’s this week at college. Fun stuff. The guy in the video had a date and got an STI from it. However, his pick up line had us in fits of giggles…

    “baby, you know you want me to be your love albatros.”

    I don’t know why this reminded me of that. but it just did.

    Thought i’d share the gigles with you and your readers.
    In Love And Light,
    Willow Myrina.

  • Kati

    *snort* That appears to be what I think of as a badly-woven-net-cast, hoping to catch a couple of fish who were not wise enough to escape the poorly-built net. I’m always rather shocked & discusted over how text-messaging lingo has overtaken our every-day grammer & spelling. It’s absolutely rediculous, in a country that used to pride ourselves on such brilliance. (Not to say I never make mistakes, but…. *grin*)

    Glad that you’re one of the wise fish who easily shrugs off that clumsily-cast net.

    Of course, the fun (but time consuming and ultimately pointless) thing is to get a dictionary & respond to the idiot’s “love letter” with a gramatically correct, spell-checked response indicating all that he needs to change to make his “love letter” readable. Too bad it’s so hard to apply a true red ink pen to poorly written emails such as this.

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