Grace and elegance

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I had to give lessons in grace, elegance, and deportment last night. That’s right, me.

I have a friend who is getting married this weekend and is borrowing my sidesaddle so she can ride her horse to the aisle. This is a much better plan than the previous one involving borrowing my carriage because the horse doesn’t know how to pull a carriage but I seemed to be the only one concerned about that. So I went over to fit the saddle on the horse and give a crash course on sidesaddle riding.

The saddle totally doesn’t fit the horse. The horse is obese and the saddle wants to spin. Luckily the ride isn’t far.

The main problem is the wedding dress. Nowadays we wear an apron that you can toss over your arm to keep it out of the way when you mount and get yourself situated on the saddle. Then you arrange the apron around you to give the appearance of a dress. Obviously this is not an option with a full wedding dress.

Mounting doesn’t really matter. We can get her on with a crane and scaffolding if we had to because it is done in private. But she is dismounting in public so it must be graceful. I proposed a mantra of, “I will not fall off. I will not tear the dress. I will not moon the audience.”

I looked up how women mounted and dismounted back when they had multiple grooms and they had to mount with dresses on. We practiced a few times without the dress and it went ok. The real test will be Saturday when she has to slip off the horse into her father’s arms hopefully without the sound of tearing fabric and without the dress flipping up over her head.