I hate smart horses. My next horse is going to be stupid. A few days ago Prize decided that since the grass in the pasture is getting sparse and the grass outside the pasture needed mowing she should help out by crawling under the fence and eating the long grass. This got her grounded for a few days while I figured out what was wrong with the electrical current and cut back the weeds so I got to electrify more wire. They got turned out again last night. All was well and good for about 2 hours until I looked out the window and saw her munching happily away in the back yard. So they are grounded again.

What do I do now? The fence was fully functional. Obviously she does not consider that enough of an obstacle between her and the good grass. I can’t really fault her logic either. The grass truly is greener on the other side of the fence.

Here are my options:

1. Redo the fence again to put even more electric lines in.

2. Fence in another area to see if she likes it better.

3. Leave the @#$%$% loose and if she gets run over by a car it was meant to be. (That’s the husband’s suggestion)

I’m leaning towards #2 but that means spending money that I really don’t have right now and there’s no guarantee that it is going to work. I want to just shake her to tell her that she has to stay in the pasture. I go to catch her in the yard and she is just so excited, “Hey, look! I found some better food!” How can you argue with that kind of logic?

What Do You Think?