I’m Denise and I have a book blog, I am Shelfless, where I post book reviews and random stuff. Heather is hosting me today (Thank you so much, Heather!) as a part of the Guest of the Month Club hosted by Emily Reads Everything! This month’s topic is…


What Do You Do When You Aren’t Blogging?

I mostly spend my time tweaking my blog and helping with house chores but when I’m not, I usually do these:


I transcribe the lectures I recorded on my device.

It has been a habit of mine to record the lectures of my professors while I take handwritten notes as well. I can’t always follow through the lecture because it’s hard for me to take notes and listen at the same time and I tend to get distracted in often circumstances when my classmate asks me questions. Recording really helps me a lot, especially if it’s a major subject! Some of my professors include additional information regarding the topics so if I missed something when I was writing notes during the class, I could replay the recordings and transcribe it with my previous notes.

I pet my dog.

Whether I feel frustrated, stressed, tired, happy, sad or in deep thoughts, I pet my dog. I don’t know how to explain it, but I love him so much! I hope you like the picture above — that’s my dog, Cosmo, with his favorite boot (he actually stole it from my mom and never gave it back)! Oh, if you have bread he will try to give his right paw so you will shake hand with him! That’s his way of shake my hand and give me my bread.

I stalk visit authors’ websites.

I visit and browse through websites of my favorite authors and sometimes random authors that I see on my twitter feed. When I go through the website, I open all the pages, read blog posts, take quizzes, subscribe to newsletters and many more! Occasionally, I send an email to an author to make a conversation through the author’s contact form on the website.


I read…?

Yeahhh, I think that’s pretty obvious! After I’m finished with school work, weekdays or weekends, I read. A lot. Reading has always been my own teleportation device and I don’t remember a time when I have never read a book. I get sucked into books easily so I probably won’t be able to hear or see you unless you tap my arm or do crazy things in front of me. Confession: I once read the House of Night series + other books on a Saturday. That was a very unproductive yet a bookish day for me! Recently, I read the Throne of Glass series for four hours on a school day. I was so lucky I didn’t get late for class!